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Product Review: Russell Stover’s Sugar Free Bites

I’ve always loved Russell Stover’s candies, even before I started on low carb.  Since switching to the new lifestyle, I’ve grown even fonder of the candies offered by this company.  They have a very good line of sugar-free chocolates and I’ve used the chocolate truffles and plain chocolate in low carb cakes and other desserts.

The newest offering is Sugar Free Bites, little dark chocolate balls with fruit centers that are wonderful.  They come in three flavors — orange, blueberry, and cranberry.  The orange really stands out well and the blueberry is tasty although not as much as the orange.  I love the cranberry, but it doesn’t have as strong a flavor as the other two.  When I first tried it, I had sampled the orange first and found that the cranberry flavor got a little lost.  But when I ate a cranberry one without eating another flavor first, it popped more.






The best part of this new candy is that a serving of ten of these little balls is only two net carbs!  That’s fantastic.  I usually find that five of the chocolates is enough at one time to satisfy my sweet tooth and chocolate cravings.  Each bag holds about 35 candies and sells for about $5.95.  You can purchase them at CVS and Walgreen’s drug stores, but they may be coming to other places that normally handle Russell Stover’s candies, such as Walmart and your grocery stores.  They are also available online from Netrition and Amazon.  I did notice that the price at Amazon is almost double what you can buy them for at the store.

If you have a chocolate craving, these little candies really offer a great low carb solution.

I give them five cooking spoons of goodness.


Disclaimer:  I have not received any promotional items to review and no one from any of the companies whose products I review have asked me to do so. I have purchased the product and am giving my honest opinion about it. Should any company send me a product to try, I will state it up front and will still give my honest opinion.

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    1. They don’t have these little chocolate balls in plain chocolate, but they do have several sugar-free chocolate options without fruit or nuts. Check out their web site or check your local drug stores or markets that carry their candies. They have a plain chocolate bar that is great. Hershey’s Chocolate also has a very good plain sugar-free chocolate in the mini-bars.

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