Candies & Fat Bombs Are Possible

For the most part, I don’t make candies because there are some very good low carb ones on the market.  I am especially pleased with the selection of sugar-free candies from Russell Stover Candies.  They have many favorites, like caramel pecan, peanut brittle, coconut cream, truffles, mints and more available and can be found in many grocery stores, drugs stores and Wal-Mart.  But sometimes, it is kind of fun to make candy so there are a few recipes that I have.

Fat Bombs are kind of a cross between candy and cookie and are low carb, high-fat little gems that will hopefully get your fat-burner started.


Chocolate Raspberry Candies
Cream Cheese Mocha Candies
Pomegranate Cream Cheese Chocolates

Fat Bombs

Hazelnut Chocolate Energy Bites

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