Breads for All Occasions

One of the toughest things to do on a low carb lifestyle is to find suitable substitutes for wheat breads and all the wonderful types of breads that are loaded with starches. Luckily many products are available to help us bake the low carb and gluten free breads we crave, but not many are pre-made and so far, I haven’t found a pre-made bread that matches what I can bake. There are a couple of bread mixes that are very good though. I’ll be talking about some of the bread making products in a post in the new year. Meanwhile, here are the bread recipes available already.

Breads, Rolls, Crackers & Flat Breads

Almond Flax Cracker Bread Crumbs
Cream Cheese Biscuit
Easy Low Carb Stuffing Bread
Eggless Flax Flat Bread
Flax Almond Meal Pizza Crust
LC Irish Soda Bread
Rene’s Corn & Flax Tortillas
Rene’s Egg Bread Roll
Savory Flax Yeast Sandwich Roll
Savory Sandwich Rounds
Wheat Germ & Flax Meal Rounds


Flour-less Sweet Muffins
Low Carb English Muffin
Peanut Butter and Jam Surprise Muffin
Peanut Butter Muffin

Pancakes & Waffles

Fiesta Cornmeal Pancakes
German Apple Pancake
Mah-velous LC Pumpkin Pancakes
Ricotta Waffles


Butternut Griddle Scones
Cream Scones
Peanutty Chocolate Chip Scones

Sweet Breads

Apple Fritter Bites
Cinnamon Bun Puffers
Danish Puffers
Spiced Persimmon Bread

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