Light and Delicious Blueberry Muffins or Bread From New Hope Mills

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New Hope Mills Blueberry Muffins, sugar-free and low carb.

I’ve made a couple of these breads from New Hope Mills as loaves and they are delicious.  When you consider that a slice of this or a single muffin is 3 net carbs, they are amazingly tasty.  Some pre-made low carb breads just don’t deliver on the flavor, but that isn’t the case here.  I made the mix into a dozen muffins today and they came out beautifully.  They rise nicely, brown evenly and taste as good as they look.

Do they taste like a muffin from a bakery? Not really, especially if the bakery is making those giant, super moist cake-like muffins.  This is a bread muffin and it is really good.  You can cut it in half and add butter and a tablespoon of low carb jam if you like.   It is like a typical mix muffin that you might buy at the grocery store.  And the mix is very similar to other store mixes.  You add eggs, water and oil and mix it until it is completely moistened, then spoon it into the pan and bake it.  Couldn’t be easier.

I confess, I do fiddle a bit with the mix though and I add two tablespoons of Vanilla Protein Powder and and extra egg white.  I use liquid egg whites.  This may have helped with the rising of the muffins a little, but it it totally an optional thing to do.    The muffin or muffin bread is equally as good without adding anything to the mix other than the eggs, oil and water.  This bread also makes a great base for French Toast.  If you make it as a loaf, just slice it and make the French toast from the slice.  For a muffin, you can tear the muffin into pieces and make Baked French Toast .

New Hope Mills Cranberry Orange Bread made from their mix.


New Hope Mills also makes an Orange Cranberry Muffin Mix that is equally as tasty and can be baked in the same way and makes wonderful French toast.  The  mix makes one loaf or a dozen muffins and each muffin or slice is 3 net carbs.  It is reasonably priced, as low carb mixes go, and can be purchases from NHM’s web site or for a little less at