Delicious & Useful Links

Here are a few of my favorite links for additional recipes, places to order cooking supplies, and informational links about low carb living.

Other Recipe Sites

Your Lighter Side – a large collection of wonderful recipes, the home of the Oopsie Roll and also information on your health.

Atkins Recipes – Atkins has many recipes to help keep  you on track and they can be searched by phase.

South Beach Diet Recipes – although not exactly like Atkins, it’s another basically low carb lifestyle and some of the recipes are suitable on Atkins and vice versa.  Just check your ingredients and carb counts.

Low Carb Product Suppliers

Netrition is my go-to supplier for most of the baking products  and low carb sugars that I use.  They have the lowest prices I’ve found and their shipping is only $4.95 for the entire order within in the United States.

LC Foods is a young company but they have many low carb products from baking mixes to flours to low carb jams.  My only complaint about them is that their prices are a little high, but you can order a loaf of already baked bread or the mix to make it yourself.

Amazon has Atkins bars and other products at a lower price than most stores and they deliver quickly.  If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get it delivered free.  They are not lower priced on CarbQuick than Netrition, but other products are pretty reasonable.  I buy EZ-Sweetz (liquid sucralose) from them also.

Low Carb Lifestyle Support

Atkins is the first place to seek information about the low carb lifestyle.  It’s not a diet, it is a lifestyle.  They have many articles and nutritionists to assist you with your questions and provide tools to help keep you on track.

Atkins Page on Facebook also has a cheering squad and a nutritionist in the group, who can answer questions.  Need some company in your efforts?  There are lots of people here on the same path.

New Atkins Made Easy Support Group on Facebook – I am one of the admins on this group, but it is really just a group of us who joined together for support and to share information about our progress, frustrations and learn what others do to keep going when it gets discouraging,  because it does get discouraging and challenging.

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