Delicious Low Carb Rye Bread Is Possible

Product Review

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My loaf of Dixie Carb Counters (aka Dixie Diner) low carb Rye Bread.

Dixie Carb Counters Rye Bread Mix

This bread mix caught my eye as I was placing a recent order on I like rye bread and the idea of a low carb rye bread was instantly appealing. So I decided to order the mix and give it a try.

The package from Dixie Carb Counters is very appealing and sturdy, so it arrived with no damage and ready to go. In addition to the mix, you will need 1-1/4  cup of egg whites or 5 whole large or extra large eggs. I used the liquid egg whites in mine and it worked fine. You also need 1-1/2 sticks of melted salted butter, that’s 3/4 of a cup or 12 oz. for those who measure it out. And you need 1/3 cup water. You’ll use a 9”x5” standard size bread pan as this makes a full sized loaf.

From here, it’s easy. Just mix everything in a bowl and whisk until well blended, about 1 minute of mixing, then spread into the bread pan evenly and bake. It is really a snap making it.

Let it cool on a bread rack, then slice into 24 slices or cut it in half and freeze half for use later. Here’s where I had a bit of a problem. A 3/8” slice is really hard to cut without the bread crumbling a bit. It may be easier to slice it into 12 slices, then cut each of those in half. Or perhaps if it is partially frozen, it will cut easier.

The bottom line though is the flavor. This is a delicious rye bread. It’s a light rye, not like the dark deli bread. It would go great with corned beef or pastrami. The taste is really wonderful, especially for a low carb bread. If you’ve cut it into 24 even slices, each slice is 2 net carbs.

The price on this through Netrition is $7.95 for the mix to make one loaf. Add in the eggs and the butter and you’re about a $1.00 more into it, so it’s a $9.00 loaf of bread. But at least it’s a great tasting loaf for the price.

In summary: Great taste, easy to make, and worth the price if you are craving a rye bread. I give it 2 flour-covered thumbs up.